i bought a very important new shirt today

i bought a very important new shirt today


if you can remember me, i will be with you always

Wade being a cutie in Deadpool Kills Deadpool

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I just want there to be a thing where kirk and uhura spend all their free time bitching about the various ways spock pisses them off

and they meet up for lunch every day 

and comm each other every night

You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it.



American witches and wizards entering an exchange program.

American witches and wizards arguing with British witches and wizards about sports

Quidditch being a whole different sport in America with different balls and full body checks

Salem offering courses in Animorphagus because Britain doesn’t and the founding members were still rebellious and resentful.

Salem’s houses being more like dorms.

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American witches and wizards having wands made out of different stuff because different stuff grows here

American witches and wizards having different cores because a difference in magical creatures

The founders of Salem being primarily female because it was an all-girls school for a while.

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